Home » Yoga Videos » 15 Minute Hot Yoga Workout for Beginners Video Hd | Easy Warm Up Routine | Give it a Try
15 Minute Hot Yoga Workout for Beginners Video Hd | Easy Warm Up Routine | Give it a Try

15 Minute Hot Yoga Workout for Beginners Video Hd | Easy Warm Up Routine | Give it a Try

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Yoga Exercises – Warm-up Poses
(15 minute yoga workout)
In Yoga, it is very important to do some Warm-up Poses before a session so you will be physically ready for the Yoga Poses that you want to practice. Moreover, Warm-up exercises will prepare your body for more difficult poses in the future.

1. Full Body Stretch (Sarva kaya Uttana)
– it is a fantastic stretching to do in bed when you wake up in the morning.

2. Knee Down twist – this stretch will warm up your back and hips
(do before Pigeon pose)

3. Knee Hug (Apanasana)
(your head stays on the floor at all times)

4. Alternating Knee hug (Apanasana 2)
(10 – 12 repetitions)
Make sure your lowe back stays flat on the floor.
– great stretch after spending a long day at the office.

5. Trunk Rotations (Madhyadeha Vrttana)
– helps keep your spine flexible
– tones the waistline, strengthen abs, stretches your neck and shoulder muscles

6. Trunk Rotations with raised arms (Uditabahu Madhyadeha Vrttana)
– don’t allow the sides of your legs to touch the floor.
(alternate 8-10 times)

7. Spinal rocking (Prstha Ashti)
– this warm-up strengthens abdominal muscles and stretches the back muscles.
– don’t roll all the way on neck!

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15 minute yoga workout

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