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How To Yoga Stretches for Hip Flexibility and Hamstring Pain Relief

How To Yoga Stretches for Hip Flexibility and Hamstring Pain Relief

Learn these yoga poses and hip stretches that helps hip flexor strengthening and hip relaxation. Your hip flexibility is important to make sure that you don’t get hamstring injuries or quadraceps injuries easily. These simple hip flexor stretches and hip relaxation techniques helps you to stretch your hamstring and helps you to get relief from hamstring injury pain.

Come up on to the knees and bring the right foot forward. Place your palms on the hips, take a deep breath and as you exhale, sink the hips down. This yoga stretch is simple yet effective method to stretch your hips and let your quads stretch.

Stretch your legs and create more room between your legs and lower your hips further down. Place the left palm near the right foot and bend the left foot with the right palm gripped on to the ankle and gently twist back and look behind.

Release this yoga pose and bring both the palms to the front and scoop the right foot on the right of the mat and allow the knees to open up and stretch your hips. Make sure hip bones are facing forward.This is a hip unlocking stretch where your inside hips are stretched enough to provide strength to your hip flexor. Bring your elbows down and open up the hips naturally and stretch. Repeat this by switching sides.

End this by a child’s yoga pose and open up the knees so that the hips are flexible and is lowered in between your knees. Follow this yoga stretch routine that provides hip rotation, hip flexion exercise and more like a full body stretch.

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